Our hard-won freedoms to vote, protest, love and pray are under threat

Thanks to the revolutions of 1989, we’re able to enjoy freedoms that so many people before us were denied. 30 years on, those freedoms are under threat again.

Make a difference and #KeepFreedomUnlocked.

It’s time to stand up for democracy

It’s been 30 years since the revolutions of 1989 when we won our fight for democracy and unlocked our freedom to vote, protest, love and pray–but not everyone wants to keep it that way. Democracy is under attack again as authoritarian governments around the world attempt to take back the freedom we fought for.

Leaders are threatening journalists, attacking minorities, undermining free expression and denouncing one religion in favour of another. They’re invading our privacy, quashing peaceful protests and spreading misinformation. Not on our watch.

30 years after we won our freedom, we’re standing up for it again. We’re fighting to #keepfreedomunlocked –and we want you to join us.

Join the fight for democracy

Our campaign to #keepfreedomunlocked will only succeed if we work together to create enough noise. Want to find out what you can do to make a difference?

Find out more about your freedoms

The revolutions of 1989 were a catalyst for radical political, social and cultural change that paved the way for freedom as we know it today.

Learn about the history of some of our fundamental freedoms that the revolutions of ’89 made way for.

Learn how you can support the Keep Freedom Unlocked campaign on social media by sharing what freedom means to you.


Learn about the history of the Cold War, the events that led to the end of communism and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.


Keep Freedom Unlocked is a campaign supported by the Democracy Council that aims to educate people on the freedoms won as a result of the revolutions of 1989.

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